Where to purchase my Tracking Device

Purchasing a GPS tracker can be a daunting experience. There are so many tracker retailers

out there from established office based retailers to the amateur seller on EBAY or Aliexpress. The amateur sellers on Ebay and Aliexpress will more than likely sell you a copy of the original tracker. These are much cheaper as they don’t have to go through the same rigourious tests such as CE conformity tests, Temperature testing, Vibration testing etc.

My advise when purchasing online from a retailer website are:
1. Make sure the retailer has a real office address.
2. Make sure the business has a phone number for support clearly advertised on the website.
3. It is a bonus if the business is located in your own locality/country.
4. Check the ongoing charges after your initial purchase. If you purchase a GPS tracker without a SIM card you need to purchase one for £10 and add credit every month which would be a minimum of £10. This totals £130 per year every year thereafter on top of the purchase price.