What’s the best tracking device for a dog or cat

For dogs the first question I ask is if the tracker will be on the dog 24/7 or just for periods of the day.

For a hunting dog the tracker would be on for normally a period of the day. i.e. Less than 12 hours. Because the battery life is not an issue over this amount of time I’d recommend the SIM tracker as it is very accurate with position updates as often as 30 seconds and with 99% coverage.

For a hunting Dog or Cat that requires a tracker to be attached 24/7 the SIM tracker is not an option as it would require daily recharging similar to a mobile phone. In my experience this is fine for a couple of weeks but you will become tired of constantly removing the tracker on a daily basis for recharging. Instead I would recommend a SIM-Free SIGFOX tracker. It is not as accurate as it doesn’t upload a new position as frequent as the SIM tracker and the coverage is not as good as the SIM GSM trackers but it has a far superior battery life that lasts weeks rather than hours.