SIM free GPS Trackers

What are SIM-free GPS Trackers? are they better than the existing SIM GSM Trackers on the market

We visited this topic earlier in the Blog but not in much detail. I’d like to revisit this topic as I get asked on a daily basis the difference between SIM and SIM free trackers. SIM Free Trackers are sometimes called SIGFOX trackers as they use the SIGFOX network as opposed to the existing GSM mobile network.

Up until recently all GPS Trackers had a SIM card installed. The GPS tracker also has a GPS chip which recognises the tracker coordinates and relays this information using the SIM card to your mobile App. These trackers are proven to be very reliable and accurate. The only downside is the GSM network requires a relatively large amount of power which means a large battery is needed. This increases the size of the tracker. For a tracker to last approximately 1 month in a car it would be about the size of a cigarette box.

The SIM free tracker as the name suggests does not have a SIM card installed as it communicates directly with low powered transceiver masts dotted around the country. It is a low powered network which means the tracker does not need a large battery. On top of this the position updates are less frequent with a SIM free tracker which further reduces the need for a large battery.

To summarise if you want a tracker with long battery life of more than 1 month we could suggest a SIM Free Tracker. However unless battery life is a big issue we would normally advise to purchase a SIM Tracker.