If I purchase a GPS Tracking device will I be tied to a contract?

The answer depends on who you purchase your device from. 1) If you are technically minded you can purchase a GPS Tracker online without a SIM card and program it yourself.

You then need to purchase a SIM card either prepay or post pay. This tends to be very expensive as you will probably end up paying at least €10 per month for the SIM card. €120 per year.
2) You can purchase a GPS Tracker online with SIM card already installed and ready to go. Usually with this type of purchase the initial purchase is cheap but you will be tied into an expensive monthly contract.

At Munster GPS we try to keep the initial cost of the tracker as low as possible and you are not tied to any contracts.
The trackers come with a SIM card installed and with free credit for the first year.
After the first year you can topup for just €35 which keeps you tracking for another 12 months.
All our trackers work throughout Europe at no extra cost.