Tractor GPS Live Trackers MG705TR


Ensure you know where your Tractor or farm machine is at all times using a GPS Tractor live Tracker. This GPS tracking device is small enough to be hidden anywhere in your Tractor. There is a strong magnet incorporated to allow quick fixing to any metal point in the Tractor. It has extended battery life up to 6 weeks or alternatively it can be connected to the 12/24 volts of the bike using the voltage reducer to ensure continuous power.

This tracker package is ideal for fleet tracking or fleet management if you are a farm contractor as it has a web portal and app for office desktop and mobile tracking of each individual Tractor including its route history.

The beauty of this GPS tracking package is there is no setting up, we have all the work done for you.  The tracking device arrives to you in a box already powered up with free SIM card installed and ready to track.

Most importantly this tracker works throughout UK and Europe at no extra cost.


How the Tractor GPS Tracker works

The tracker receives a signal from the sky satellites and sends the position information through the internet to your phone app or desktop computer.

When you purchase this tracker it comes with a free SIM card already installed, powered up and ready to go. The SIM card comes with free credit to last 12 months based on average mileage and three minute position upload intervals. You can even track it coming towards you in the post. After 12 months you can add credit to your SIM for a small fee of €35 and this will last another 12 months.

The tracker comes with a desktop web portal where you can track live on your PC or alternatively you can track on your mobile phone app.

If you have a several Tractors or industrial Machines you will be able to locate each one at any given time. You will also be able to set them up so the tracker will alert you if the Tractor exceeds a pre-set speed or if the Tractor goes outside a pre-set route/area.

Truck GPS TrackerTractor or Machine GPS Tracker Features

  • Auto Track: Once the tracker is moving it uploads a new position every 3 minutes
  • Geofence: A predefined virtual fence is setup around a site. If the Tracker goes outside this perimeter it will send an alarm to your phone.
  • Over-Speed Alert: You can set the maximum speed to any number. If it is set to 100 kph and the Tracker travels >100 kph and alarm is sent to your phone with the current speed, the position, time & date.
  • Route History: Can check where the motorcycle travelled on a specific date. You can replay a specific route it took and it even shows you where it stopped and parked during the journey.


What is Included with your Tractor GPS Tracker

  • Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • Free SIM Card
  • 5000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Free mobile app and web portal
  • Charging cable
  • Voltage Reducer for hard wiring to vehicle
  • Instructions

Tractor GPS Tracker Installation

If you are using the internal battery only then just find a location in the motorbike where it can’t be seen but where it is most likely to receive a satellite signal. There is a strong magnet incorporated in the tracker structure to allow attaching quickly to any metal point on the bike.

For hard wiring to the Tractor use the voltage reducer and wire it to the mains and earth of the bike ensuring it is from a fused point.

Tractor GPS Live Tracker ADD-ONS

The instructions below are only for further reading. You don’t need to follow these instructions as the tracker is already setup by us with SIM card installed and activated.

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