Suitcase GPS Tracker

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Ensure your Luggage or cargo is safe with a GPS Luggage Tracker. This mini tracker can be hidden in your travel Bag or Case.

It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery and for long battery life it has a sleep mode which reduces power when the tracker is stationary.

You can set up the tracker so it will alert you by text if it moves, If it goes outside a predefined area, If it goes over a preset speed limit, or if the battery is low.

You can also listen in on the tracker and you will hear the sounds around the vicinity of the tracker. eg. voices, car sounds etc


How the Suitcase GPS Tracker works

There is a GPS antenna which receives signals from sky satellites to determine an accurate geo position. This position is sent via SMS (text message) along with Date, Time and Speed.

When you click on the GPS Co-ordinates link it takes you to a position on your Smart Phone map where your Tracker is located. The phone used in the example below is an Iphone. It also works with any Android phone.

Truck GPS Tracker

Suitcase GPS Tracker Features

  • Auto Track : Can continue tracking at given intervals.
    Voice Surveillance : You dial up and listen in to the sounds around the tracker. eg. voices, car sound, etc.
  • Geofence : A predefined virtual fence is setup around a site. If the Tracker goes outside this perimeter it will send an alarm to your phone.
  • Movement Alert : The unit can be set up to act as a movement alarm. Once the Tracker moves more than 200 metres from it’s original position an alarm is sent to your phone. This works as a basic car alarm.
  • Over-Speed Alert : You can set the maximum speed to any number. If it is set to 100kph and the Tracker travels >100kph and alarm is sent to your phone with the current speed, the position, time & date.
  • SOS Button : There is an SOS button situated on the side of the Tracker. Once pressed for >6 seconds an alarm is sent to your phone again with the current speed, the position, time & date.

What is Included with the Suitcase GPS Tracker

  • GPS Tracker
  • Mains charger
  • USB connection
  • 2 x Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Instructions
  • Packaging

What is not Included

  • Sim Card

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