Renew Munster GPS SIM card data package for another 12 months


At Munster GPS we are continually working to drive down the prices for GPS tracking. Just compare our prices with any of our tracking competitors.

This package is a fraction of the price of any other provider and not only that it is a multi network SIM card. What we mean by that is it switches between networks when on the move making sure it finds the best signal for that particular area. It also works throughout Europe with no extra roaming charges.


Munster GPS data SIM card Features

  • Switches between networks to make sure you are always connected when on the move
  • Works throughout UK and Europe

What is Included with your GPS Tracker SIM card

  • 12 months of GPS tracking using Munster GPS devices max 10mB/month
  • updated position every 3 minutes when moving
  • SIM card with 12 months free data
  • Free web portal for 12 months with route history