Hunting Dog GPS Live Tracker MG911


Dog GPS tracking device comes with a collar with SIM card installed and free tracking for initial 12 months

Ensure you know where your dog is at all times.

The very latest in pet tracking technology and security. Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor pets by live tracking through an app and web portal.

This is a new and improved model that comes with an IP67 waterproof rating with SIM card already installed with the initial 12 months tracking for free. The tracker is pre-programmed by us so when you receive all you need do is download an app  and start tracking right away.

Perfect for hunting dogs that are difficult to keep track of once they discover a scent. Don’t spend hours on end at the end of the hunting day searching for your dog. Just open the app and it will give you an instant location and  distance between you and your dog.

This package also includes lifetime access to a web portal for desktop live tracking and phone app.

Most importantly this tracker works throughout UK and Europe at no extra cost. There are no further charges or ongoing fees for the initial 12 months. Renewal is €35 for a further 12 months. Full technical support at all times.


How the Live Pet GPS Tracker works

There is a GPS antenna which receives signals from sky satellites to determine an accurate geo position. This position is sent to your mobile live tracking app or web portal. The app screen shows a map with a cursor showing the tracker position and another showing your phone position and the distance between them in metres allowing you to easily follow the dogs route and retrieve.

The live tracking app and web portal also allows you to replay the route history of the tracker (replay) which can be useful to view what your pet was getting up to while you were away.

There is a SIM card already installed and the tracker is pre-programmed and ready to go. You just need to download an app and login.

Live Pet GPS Tracker Features

  • Auto Track : Can continue tracking at given intervals.
  • Geofence : A predefined virtual fence is setup around a site. If the Tracker goes outside this perimeter it will send an alarm to your phone.
  • Vibrate Alert : When the tracker moves it will alert your phone.
  • Over-Speed Alert : You can set the maximum speed to any number. If it is set to 100kph and the Tracker travels >100kph and alarm is sent to your phone with the current speed, the position, time & date.

Additional Pet GPS Tracker Specifications

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. The most advanced technology of GPS and GSM dual positioning.

  • Model Name: 911
  • Out Power: 5V
  • Item Size: 62 x 30 x 18mm (2.7 x 1.4 x 0.78″)
  • Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up
  • Special Feature: waterproof IP67
  • Screen Size: Under 2 Inches
  • GPS type: GPS Tracker with GPS chip module
  • Standby Time: 200 hours
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz 2G
  • Special Feature: Support Free Web & APP Tracking
  • Battery: Chargeable changeable 3.7 V 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • GPS Accuracy: 5m
  • GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm
  • Web&app: Free Lifetime Tracking

What is Included with the Live Pet GPS Tracker

  • Mini weatherproof GPS Tracker with charger
  • SIM card with unlimited tracking for 12 months based on 3 minute location upload intervals.
  • Collar

Please Note: All GPS trackers have limitations and should not be solely relied upon as trackers need both Satellite signal and GSM signal.