About Munster GPS

Munster GPS UK  was started in January 2014.

The developer of the Business originally worked as a Design Engineer producing DC-DC converters which are used with GPS tracker products and had a particular interested in GPS navigation.

The developers personal story on how he was introduced to the world of GPS tracking after his dog went missing for several days. He finally found her but spent a long time browsing the internet for a solution and found it difficult to find something that was affordable and fit for purpose.

Also on another occasion while in a busy shopping centre a customers kids went missing. The kid was only missing for 1 or 2 minutes but it gave him enough of a fright to get back browsing for more information on GPS Trackers.

6 months were spent purchasing GPS tracker samples and testing them. Eventually coming up with a matrix outlining the pros and cons of each product taking into account the following:

  • GPS Sensitivity
  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Technical Support
  • Quality
  • Compatibility

There is now list of products that we can safely say are affordable and fit for purpose. Please do not hesitate to contact Munster GPS with any questions you may have.

Munster GPS Trackers